Coroner calls for more funding for support services

A Canberra coroner has called on the ACT Government to provide more funding for coronial support services.

Coroner Ron Cahill made the comments during an inquest into the death of a 21-year-old disabled man.

Stephen Moon had been sedated after having his wisdom teeth out at Calvary hospital.

Today, the court heard it was likely he had died from pneumonia he had contracted while on ventilation.

In commenting on evidence before the court, the coroner said it was important for friends and family of Mr Moon to realise a mistake made by the medical profession did not necessarily contribute to the death.

Mr Cahill said Coronial Support Services helped to explain the process to those affected, to ensure they did not jump to any wrong conclusions.

He said the Government needed to provide more money to ensure that duty was carried out effectively.



Coroner releases report on Stephen Moon's death

On the 28/9/2012, the ACT Coroner released his report on the death of Stephen Moon.

According to the Coroner's report Stephen Moon died on 15/12/2003. The report took almost 9 years to complete.