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Saleh has said in his speech, he will not hand over power to the opposition. Some analysts said that Saleh could set up a Military Committee compose Ugg boots on sale d by the family against the opposition, in that case, the situation in Yemen will be more volatile.

U.S. BBC comment that the military action in Libya in the Obama foreign policy idealism and realism are to play, choose to let the United States to ste Red bottom shoes p back, so that European countries in the lead, this policy will ensure that the United States to organize a union, without the need to tell every friend should follow. Nevertheless, the United States or to play a key role, without U.S. participation, the situation in Libya, not to the current situation. An anonymous U.S. government official also said that Gaddafi's death is the Obama administration

According to U.S. media reports, followin Red bottoms g the successful killing of Osama bin Laden, kill Gaddafi, the This strategy is characterized by: the U.S. military for the countries to act as the necessary action on the ground, to minimize casualties.

20, U.S. President Barack Obama said in a speech, G Ugg boots cheap addafi's death is in the Middle East This time the speech has triggered a lot of speculation, the United States next targets will be?

former NATO commander Wesley Clark said the  Wedding dresses United States to Libya this model could be copied to Syria body.

chief forensic interest: Gaddafi die shot in the head

said Libya's chief forensic 23, Gaddafi died of w Ugg boots outlet ho fired the gun.

the ruling authorities of Libya, said an official 23, Gadda Faux Christian Louboutin shoes fi has completed an autopsy. Responsible for organizing the judge Abdul Salam Red bottom heels  autopsy confirmed that the body has been checked Gaddafi, is waiting for death reports. From the video perspective, though, when Gaddafi in the captur Fake rolex watch ed injured but still conscious, you can walk, and beaten. Ga Rolex replica ddafi was suspected to be armed is

Gaddafi's post-mortem in the capital Tripoli, about 20 Red sole shoes 0 km east of a city morgue  between. A physician involved in the autopsy revealed that Gaddafi died of his wo Christian louboutin outlet unds, the other medical officers said that Gaddafi remains the head and abdomen have a bullet hole.

Earlier, Libya

last Gaddafi water or electricity to eat leftovers

Gaddafi was killed, people definitely wan Red sole shoes t to know the last days of his life in the end is how ever. After all, captured by the opposition in the capital Tripoli after Gaddafi never been seen, but still occasionally spoke by satellite phone. He has been followed Uggs  according to former senior government officials say Ibrahim, accustomed to luxury living Gaddafi, the water all day long to live without electricity, eating fast food the day it is intolera rolex Replica ble, he had been impatient. But even so, Gaddafi never thought of surrender or flee abroad.

every few days on the follow Gaddafi. Gaddafi wa Replica Christian louboutin shoes s killed after he was arrested by the opposition, he was 22 in Misurata's military intelligence headquarters in an interview about the day together and Gaddafi. August 21, captured by the Fake watches few days in different houses to be moved back and forth between, and sometimes even live in the basement, and often at night action, not action during the day to avoid being caught , but also fear of NATO  Replica watches air strikes.

eat the rest of the stuff other people

As for something to eat, those who rely mainly on his men to search t Replica watches he house empty the rest of the people food, mostly rice and pasta, and sometimes even instant noodles. For such a hard life, Gaddafi men often will yell: He and others have repeate Replica rolex dly urged Qaddafi to surrender or to leave Libya, Gaddafi and his son Maxim muta not even considered the two options. However, Gaddafi I never personally involved in the fighting, a bullet did not hit too.

actually very afraid of NATO