By bobb | Tue, 6/10/2015 - 17:21

In recent times, the media has reported various examples of bad/inappropriate behaviour management (systemic failures) in services and supports for autistic people. These include:

ACT: Burch promises the ‘kid in a cage’ case was an isolated incident
Vic: Wooden box built to 'calm' autistic students at day centre
​Vic: Victorian education department to investigate claims disabled children were locked in cages at schools
Vic: Autistic kids ‘tied to chairs’ at school, Senate inquiry told and Victoria - Teachers banned from restraining students with straps 
Vic: School locked autistic children in dark room, parents claim
Tas: ​Minister calls for probe into claims autistic student left alone in classroom
WA: 'Padded cells' at Perth schools reports among calls to disability abuse hotline 
Vic: Family devastated as autistic son to be taken away
Qld: School puts autistic boy in ‘cell-like’ room and Boy in a Box
Qld: Epileptic Hervey Bay boy strapped to school chair with seatbelt: Mum and Epileptic boy 'strapped into chair' at Hervey Bay school
Qld: Parents claim special needs student tied to chair with seat belt
SA: SA primary school teacher sacking for taping students to chairs was harsh, Fair Work Commission says
NSW: Shocking allegations of abuse at special schools

Note that Graeme Innes says 'appalling' cage practice is not a one-off, called for an inquiry into the education of children with disabilities. Concerns have been raised over numerous instances: Children with autism caged and abused at school.

And here's video of Aspect commenting on the Canberra 'kid in a cage' events:… 

Research suggests substantial agreement over behaviour being a major issue in schools: Results of the Australian Autism Educational Needs Analysis