Advocacy in Secondary schools

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a son on the spectrum. Life has been like a blend of "what's eating Gilbert grape" and "the black balloon" for my family. Having been amazed at the various responses across the whole of society regarding my sons behaviour, I have decided to create a presentation to take into secondary schools across the Sydney region to build community awareness on a broader scale, and offer the opportunity for questions to be answered with the intention of a greater level of understanding in all aspects of future Sydney community life.

Home Schooling your ASD child

Home Schooling, not to be confused with Home Tutoring, is another choice or path to choose from when considering the best way to educate your child with Autism, ASD or special needs.

There are many pro's and cons when it comes to home schooling a child with ASD, read more...

Home tutoring an Autistic / ASD child

Home tutoring, not to be confused with home schooling, are completely different scenarios. We have been home tutoring our daughter long before she began “full time” school and continue to do so. But as we have recently found out DECS is tightening up on students that do not attend school five days a week, however there is a system of exemption which can be applied for,-->read on -->

Autism Schools, or schools for Autistic children

Autism Schools, or schools for Autistic children, or schools suitable for ASD kids. Put it how you will, we know from experience that its a touchy subject amongst the Autism community in Australia and most likely the world over. The main problem being that you basically have three choices – Mainstream School, Special Needs School or Home Schooling. Continue reading ?

but still very rock n roll

Find the great story, “Tales from the Rudely rock n roll road 2010”, at the link (scroll down a bit).

Band tours are always "interesting" ... always eventful with huge swings in emotions. The Melbourne rock band, Rudely Interrupted, steps the band tour experience up another level (or more).


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