Asperger's Newbie: Where can I get a formal assessment of Asperger's and Autism etc?

I am new to this forum. I recently discovered I have the traits... Did a lot of reading on the matter and now I'm weighing up the pros and cons, and basically whether I should turn a blind eye to this altogether... I mean, I don't want to give myself any excuses for not being able to perform everyday tasks.

Scotson Technique Can Help Children With Autism (Help Needed For Research)

Linda Scotson is currently researching a link between neurological disorders and breathing problems. Linda began a PhD program at University College London while trying to determine the cause of her newborn sons brain damage at birth. Linda discovered that children who had neurological problems – cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, ADD, epilepsy or even dyspraxia and dyslexia had abnormal breathing problems.

Please help and complete the survey, there is no personal or sensitive information gathered.

schools restrain students with autism/ASD

The ABC 7.30 Report had a story about schools physically restraining students with ASD (see Hidden shame).

Other schools just kick students out ... which forces their parents out of work. This practice is encouraged by the legal system (see and

The 7.30 Report story blames the chronic lack of teacher training, but the problem is exacerbated by the lack of trained psychologists and ASD-specialists in Australia.

Recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorders

Hi all.

A subject close to my heart - Recovery from Autism.

After reading many posts in forums and groups it seems that there are Doctors, individuals and communities out there that actually frown on the word “Recovery” when in reference to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Well I beg to differ and here is why..

Never give up!

A new book EXTREME PARENTING by Kylie MCClelland

Hi everyone,

I am just a mum of three kids, one who has autism and mental health issues, one who has a physical disability and another who has a developmental disorder.

I have just published a book about my experience raising children whose disabilities challenge them greatly in everyday life , and challenge those around them, both individuals and the very systems set up to support them. View it at

Best Teaching Aids for Children with Autism and Special Needs

Hi all.

We have had over ten years experience with tutoring and teaching our daughter with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Below is some of the Teaching Aids we used that we think were the most successful in her development and learning.


Asperger Friendly primary schools in Victoria

Hi, this is my first blog, would like to know if anyone is aware of any Asperger friendly schools in the Eastern Suburbs/ Yarra Valley in Victoria. My son is 8 (Grade 3) and was diagnosed with Aspergers 5 months ago. We want to find a school that understands and supports children's needs with Aspergers please help!

Music and Sound Therapy as a Treatment for Autism.

We learned about Music and Sound Therapy for treating Autism (ASD) as well as other Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD), early on our journey with Isy. There are several different types of Sound or Music Therapy, also know as Auditory Stimulation Therapy, available and we certainly did have our doubts at first, however after seeing the results and then later learning about the theory behind it we were convinced.

Day Schedule Strips to Teach and Calm Autistic Children

Hi all.

Something we found very useful

Schedule and Day strips are a great way to get an Autistic child to understand what is going on on a day to day basis. It teaches them language and can modify their behavior by understanding what is going on.

Read how to make them and how to use them:


What Causes Autism And How Can It Be Treated? – a point of view

Hi all

I guess it's only obvious when a loved one or someone close to you is affected by a medical condition or disease you want to find out how or why it has occurred. Autism still has no solid evidence as the cause but there are many theories and ongoing research.


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