High Schools for Aspergers and High Functioning Autism Children

I just wanted to let parents and supporters of these children know about a petition that is currently gathering force at the link below. Some 260 signatures have been received since the 23rd March 2010 ! from parents, professionals and supporters, who are expressing very strong views in support of the need for the creation of High Schools for children with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism.


Hi everyone
well that time is coming nearer and nearer for Jake to leave school and go to an
Adult Training Service.

I was hoping others in the same boat before us could give some advise on the important things we should be considering for our son.

Jake is 17 nearly 18

Autism (moderate to profound)

He has echolia speak, can ask for things he requires, if not he can lead you to them and you will understand what he requires.

About Us

Hi all this is my first blog here and I thank everyone for the opportunity to write here.
I have worked in the field of Intellectual Disabilities with Adults for over a decade here in Adelaide. I must say my eyes are open wide to the problems and challenges that parents have with children with ASD and Asperger Syndrome.

Aspergers doesn't eventually go away

My 15 year old son has transferred from the private education system to the public education system this year. He was diagnosed with Aspergers Disorder when he was 4.He has followed the usual path for ASD attending early intervention and being funded through out school. His diagnosis was reconfirmed on the DSM -IV scale in 2004 when he started in the private education system.I have just been informed by the public school that they cannot apply for funding in the public education system unless his diagnosis is confirmed by a psychiatrist yet again.

Contributions appreciated

I'm ghost writing a book addressing the realities of parenting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Australia. Part memoir, part handbook, the story follows one family's experience with 'Part 2' being a practical resource ...

If anybody would be able to make the time to share their own story with me, I'd appreciate it as part of my own learning curve.

Should have told my son to be himself

My 14 year old son was diagnosed three years ago with aspergers, adhd,and depression by a psychologist. Later he was admitted to the child and family therapy unit for 5 weeks as he used to become extremely violent due to things that happened in his past and also trying to deal with aspergers. Before  going in  to see the psychiatrist  I reminded my son to look at the psychiatrist as a sign of respect. Unfortunately to my dismay the psychiatrist within a few minutes of seeing my son turned around and said he didn't have aspergers but had a control issue and depression.

Community Schooling

As I read through the contributions from members there is definitely an underlying trend in regards to education.  In its current form the education system is not or cannot provide the required service to children and their families with disabilities.  As an educator this makes me extremely distressed.  I am not Autistic and I do not have an Autistic child but I feel very passionate about advocating for families and children with disabilities and also teachers in the classroom.  I work with a number of teachers and schools who are working very hard to do an almost impossible job with the re

Aspies and homework

My year 9, 14 year old son works reasonably well at school but when it comes to homework and assignments well forget it. The let down or cooling off that happens when he gets home simply does not allow him to get back into learning mode. He doesn't know how to start, gets upset when he gets stuck in Math, spends way too long on something that only needs a few minutes and mental blocks almost always end up in tears for all us. He works well with his tutors, English and Math but thats only 2 hours a week. He is now expected to do 1-1 1/2 hours per day.

response: letter to A4 Convenor - 24/5/2009

Following is the response provided to Ms Evans' letter (see ...



Dear Ms Evans

Thank you for your input (24/5). I am sorry that I have taken so long to reply in detail.

If you choose to describe the A4 Steering Committee breakdown as a “lock out”, that is your choice. I disagree with your description.


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