A little bit about me

Hello. My name is William and I am 25 years old and I have asperger syndrome, However I have never been officially been diagnosed.

I was born in the usual. I have always lived with my family. As a child I moved house a lot, So it was difficult making friends (That having aspergers), so I was never in one place long enough to make any friends.

Summer infant baby monitor for new mothers

Summer a season of vacation and tours . Normally families and relatives go for day out and various go at beach . Spending out door trips with your families and relatives is a great time to enjoy.

Tragedy unexpectedly happens with every other person . No matter if you have big or small family and have babies who are at the point of crawling or loves to run and walk freely then this situation is known for you that your baby walks away somewhere and you are rushing every where to find your baby.

Looking for volunteer to participate in Children's Food Study

Dear Parent,

We’re currently undertaking a research project examining the relationship of eating patterns and sensory processing in children with Asperger Syndrome aged 5-15 years in Queensland. If you’d like to understand our project further, please feel free to contact Shu via email: Looking forward hear from you. Thank you.

Social Misunderstanding leads to School Suspension

My 9 year old son was recently suspended from school for two days over two one off racial comments that were said with no violence, malice or aggression. Most of his friends are Indigeneous and he has been accepted as one of them, being taught their language and how they speak to one another. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable in the school setting. He used a word which to the average non-indigeneous person without knowledge would seem offensive, though in their language just means "silly".


My 12 year old daughter has had many years of distress and torment due to her aspergers symptoms. She has endured severe bullying throughout her schooling years until she had a major breakdown 16 months ago which required emergency hospital treatment as she wanted to end her life. At the hospital she was placed on Zaprexia. This medication is very strong and it causes other problems for the child. She experienced severe weight gain & it lowers dopamine levels in the rear & frontal lobes of the brain. This caused her to feel foggy in her thinking & very tired.

My brother has Aspergers and now DHS has Taken his son

My brother has a Form of Aspergers BUT is not violent towards his son.
Is there any support for parents with this problem that have children ( his son doesnt have it )
As my Nephue is deteriorating fast in the Hands of the DHS and has missed hospital apointments while in the care of the government. He is now very sick since being in THERE CARE. We are un able to find support and are at a loss as to where to goto next. THIS IS A LONG SHOT COMING TO THIS WEB SITE.
We have asked the DHS if they took the child due to any phisical abuse

We asked and They said

Autism policy in the 2010 Tasmanian election

Both Liberal and Greens had some autism/ASD specific elements in their policies before the 2010 Tasmanian election.

The ATAC group (see asked a few specific question of the parties and published an advertisement in local papers publicising the positions of the parties (seeƒ/files/adwed17.pdf).

High Schools for Aspergers and High Functioning Autism Children

I just wanted to let parents and supporters of these children know about a petition that is currently gathering force at the link below. Some 260 signatures have been received since the 23rd March 2010 ! from parents, professionals and supporters, who are expressing very strong views in support of the need for the creation of High Schools for children with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism.


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